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Khulood: I am satisfied with my current conditions; however, I want my dreams to come true

Khulood Nimir, 27, from Bidia in Salfeet district, married and has one child. She used to sell clothes from home in Bidia then she took out a loan from Asala Company for Credit and Development and started opened a clothes store in her hometown.

Khulood was informed about Asala Company via promotions by the Company’s loan advisors. Khulood’s husband and family encouraged her to take out a loan to expand her clothes business and open a store in the central market in Bidia. Khulood went to the office of Asala Company in Nablus and borrowed USD 2,000. Step by step, she leased a store in the market, decorated it, and bought women and children clothes from wholesale traders.

Khulood says, “I leased a store on a main road with the money I borrowed. I decorated the store and bought goods and paid for them in cash, which meant getting discounts. I bought women and children clothes of different variety and for different ages. First I bought small quantities of goods. Sales increased and I bought more goods. Now I know good quality clothes that are on demand and could secure good profits. I faced economic impediments in the beginning. I also had to face the problems caused by the military roadblocks of the occupation, which stopped customers and traders from coming to my store. Palestinian shoppers from Israel proper couldn’t also come to my store due to the roadblocks. However, because I love my work and because of the support of Asala’s field visits and phone calls, I overcame the difficulties.”

Khulood is satisfied with her current situation but aspires to have larger store that sells clothes for men and women at all ages. She also aspires to by a big house for her and her child and husband. She says to women, “Invest in your potential energy to empower yourselves and make your dreams come true.”

“My aspirations continue as long as Asala and Asala’s team are by my side and as long as I am supported by my husband and family,” says Khulood.