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“Aim to be independent, and start your project whether it’s small or big and with your will… you will achieve it.”

“I am Ehab al-Marajda from Beit Sahour. I work in the field of shaping olive wood into souvenirs and I sell them in Bethlehem since it’s a tourist city year-round. I started my journey with a humble machine and inconsistent work until I reached where I am today as owner of souvenirs store . Asala’s loans had a vital role in the success of this project and its expansion, as I developed my project through new machines and I opened my own workshop and I employed workers to meet the amount of demands and to reach economic independency until I started exporting internationally. From here on I say with gratitude: thank you ASALA.”



“I have always had the dream to own a beauty salon, and with ASALA my dream became a reality.”

I am Amneh Hanoun from Nablus. I am a mother of five. I got my Cosmetology diploma and I started executing my project after getting a loan from ASALA company where we took each step together and I had constant follow-ups whether through the phone or by visits as they stayed with me for the entirety of this journey. And here I am today providing for my family just like my husband does, for my confidence has increased and his support for me has increased as well, and together we aim for what is better, and I feel good about myself knowing that what got me here is the support of my small family and ASALA.My message for every Palestinian woman is to make her dream and ambition a top priority and to not put any obstacle infront of her.”



“When there is will… there is a momentous road waiting for you.”

I am Kafa Shbeita, a farmer from Qalqilya. I am 59 years old, a mother of 3. I own an agricultural land that had simple guava trees which I used to market to cover my family’s needs . It was necessary to develop the project so I went to ASALA company and I got three consecutive loans throughout which I was able to increase my crop yield and market it to adjacent governates. I felt good about being able to provide my family with what they need. Alhamdulillah.


“The most important factor for achieving your dream is your willingness to achieve it”

“I am Faten al-Sakhen from Qalqilya. I am a mother of 6 children. I got used to making candy in my small house with simple profits until I found ASALA company which I took my first loan from and from there my journey began. I rented a place in my village and my situation started getting better, and ASALA’s support was not confined to the loan, but they also pushed me to take serious and ambitious steps to keep up with developments and to start marketing through social media. Despite the difficulties that I faced from my son’s illness to my financial situation, solid will is the most important element for achieving goals and self-reliance and self-appreciation so that society appreciates you.”